Food is an essential part of everyday life. A lot of nutrients required for us; consume them from dawn till dusk. Typically, consume breakfast lunch, and dinner. Every breakfast contains bakery product s ranging from brad, puff, doughnuts, croissants to various other savory and sweet food that is freshly baked either at home or a factory. Cake shops in Kathmandu are seen to be increasing on a large scale these days. However, they also are quickly shut down due to various problems. There are very few cake shops due to various problems. There are very few cake shops that have been in operation for a long time. While a lot of new bakery and cake shops are frequently opened and shut down it is really interesting how some of them and unphased by any external factors.

Running and profiting from any business requires an increase in consumption of the produced goods and cake shops are no different than any other food business. How to remain financially strong during various pandemics? This is the main concern of any business corporation at present.

Daily requirements of necessary goods and products are produced or bought in a cake shop. Shelf-production of the goods by the cake shop helps to yield more profit than purchased selling. We should keep the bare minimum points in concern in order to run the cake shop smoothly.

In the entrepreneurial era where everyone is fascinated by the idea of running their own business. The management, finances, accounts, and statistics should be a major concern. Cleanliness, sanitation, and freshness of the food and the location/factory or the shop is another point to be kept in mind. While we go running after the idea of running a business the aforementioned concerns should be internalized.

While the sanitary factor remains the same in every food industry proper hygiene should be maintained by using only proper cleanliness products. Account and finances on the other hand differ from one shop to another on the basis of their type. The small scale is operated by one owner whereas a bigger scale shop can be operated with the help of shareholders and stakeholders.

As we know nothing remains constant; and keeps on changing likewise, we should be able to make the flexibility of the products according to the temperature of the year or seasonal change. The quality of goods produced in any cake shop usually depends on the producers, owners and the types of scrap used. The company should keep its final goal in mind when in operation. Goals are what any organization wants to achieve in the future. And setting a goal of an organization is the initial function of management. A goal gives meaning and purpose to the organization. The goal must be specific and measurable in quantitative terms and it must be set for a definite period of time.

Therefore, mission, strategy, operation and tactic, production, marketing, finance, human resources, and long, short and medium-term goals should be fulfilled simultaneously. There are various reasons why a company fluctuates from its goals. Some of them may be:

● Excessive delegation of authority;
● Subordination of organizational goals;
● Employee’s attitude;
● Employer’s attitude;

When running a cake shop one of the important factors that values in increment of the company branding are the employee’s attitude. Organization goal/the goal of one’s cake shop can be met in an effective way with the employee’s attitude.

Communication and motivation of the employees play a vital role to run a cake shop. It is very important for influencing the employees with a positive attitude for the proper communication and motivation.

Reciprocity makes people/employees feel obliged to provide a return to others for the received favors from the employers. For eg; we usually present ourselves with gifts when we are invited to food or parties. This initiates the feeling of commitment towards the organization. Being a social animal, whatever the majority of people do in a place; an individual who joins the group will cop the same. For example, if our coworkers work late hours, we are likely to do the same. This helps to give the employee a sense of acceptance.

The authority involves job titles, uniform, clothes, educational background, knowledge, experience and virtual accomplishment of individuals. From an early age we are taught to respect authority and as we enter into careers we develop a sense of obligation to follow the prescription of a doctor when we suffer from diseases.

Similarly, it”s human nature that individuals most prefer to say yes to people they like. Co-operation towards joint efforts inspires people to feel liking to each other. Liking each other is an important element of influencing each other for doing activities. In a nutshell, the above explanations should be considered to run a cake shop in Kathmandu.

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