Bakery Training in Kathmandu (Start your baking journey 2021)


Are you searching for bakery training in Kathmandu?

While passing down a street who doesn’t love the smell of fresh baked goods and those eye-appealing pastry items? The bakery industry is a huge business that caters to people with bread, cakes, pies, cookies, rolls, desserts, etc.  According to one survey, the employment of bakers is projected to grow 7 percent from 2014-2024, about as fast as the average for all occupations meaning there will be a huge demand for professional bakery and pastry chefs worldwide.

Well, the question most asked is does having a degree or no degree in this profession matters? The answer is yes it does matter, college graduates tend to get higher salaries than their non-degree holding counterparts. If you are interested in bakery and pastry it’s important to get classes because students will gain knowledge of pastry-specific approaches and apply traditional culinary skills to the world of baking. In general bakery and pastry course will teach you:

Basic ingredients used in bakery and pastry and their roles

Recipes and how to use them effectively

Gastronomical approach used behind various foods and the techniques


Some of the career opportunities you can achieve after doing this course are bakery chef, assistant bakery chef, pastry chef, baker or pastry instructor, entrepreneur, etc. Bakers and pastry chefs can choose to work in commissary settings, restaurants, or shops specializing in wedding or designer cakes, or artisan bread. Bakers can have options to work in large-scale production, or smaller shops which focus on less volume but higher-quality goods or large hotels. All employers look for experience and education, even entry-level positions require a degree.


In terms of Bakery Training in Kathmandu, there are several institutes and colleges which provide bakery and pastry courses. Some of the institutes that provide bakery and pastry classes are as follow:


School of Baking and Pastry Technology

Academy of Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management

Radisson Hotel Training Center

Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management

Himalayan Java Bakery School

Shangri La Tourism and Hotel Training Pvt. Ltd

Global Academy of Tourism & Hospitality Education

Sheraton Culinary Hotel Management Training Center


If you are interested in joining Bakery and Pastry classes you can contact any of the above-mentioned institutes. The courses vary from institute to institute. Some of the institutes only provide 14 days courses whereas some institute covers a 6 months course plan.

The modules that are usually used for teaching are 10% theory and 90% practical. Breaking down according to the classes here is what you can expect to learn from one of the institutes:

6 weeks course plan

Breads, breakfast pastries, tarts and tartlets, cookies, french pastries and cakes, entremets and cakes

3 months course plan

Basic bread and yeast dough, breakfast pastries, laminated dough, tarts and tartlets, cookies, classical cakes, sweet and savory baking, high-tea preparation, plated desserts, chocolates, travel cakes, menu planning, budgeting

6 months Diploma course plan

Food safety and sanitation, the science of baking, pastry and chocolate, cookies, travel cakes, basic bread, and yeast dough, breakfast pastries, viennoiserie, tarts and pie, high-tea preparation, classical cakes, french pastries, plated desserts, petit fours, miniature pastries, ice creams, sorbets, chocolates, pralines celebration cake, wedding cakes, artisanal bread, menu planning, budgeting, entrepreneurship, patisserie and buffet presentation, internship.


The price range for doing bakery and pastry classes ranges from 15000 – 300000. The above-mentioned courses are good enough to set you off in the field of bakery and pastry. In terms of Nepal, we don’t have any institutes that provide advanced classes in the field of Bakery and Pastry as we don’t find the required tools and equipment in the market. Its because the advanced courses require advanced tools that are expensive and require technical knowledge to handle.

Plus, we don’t have the manpower to maintain and replace if technical issues occur. Ingredients required for such programs need to be imported from foreign countries and because of taxes and the price, it will be quite impossible to conduct such kinds of classes. Therefore, it is recommended to either work for bigger companies or work abroad to gain such kind of expertise. Highly interested individuals will have to travel abroad to get advanced degrees in baking and pastry arts.

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